my cellular telephone wallpaper has remained unchanged for more than 3 years
evidence that it is way past time to upgrade the device
but also that i’ve not grown tired of the photo
geralded_mhondorohuma_1an essential trait of fine art
taken while walking in the Bermuda National Gallery Sculpture Garden
the photo is of “Student” from Shona sculptor Jonathan Mhondorohuma’s book reader series
“Shona” not only refers to his style and tradition of sculpture
which dates back to a 1950’s artistic renaissance
in what was then the self-governing british colony Southern Rhodesia
“Shona” also refers to his tribal heritage as 80% of the population of his native Zimbabwe
and the group of languages they speak
their tradition of stone carving dates back to at least 1200 AD
when the city of Great Zimbabwe was built (“Zimbabwe” translates to “stone dwelling” in Shona)
quite a tradition to come from
Mhondorohuma’s work consists mostly of figures
like the one i was so drawn to more than any other in that tropical garden
i’m not sure of the source of my connection to it
the artist and I were born in the same year
perhaps I see myself in it
just replace the book with a laptop
whatever it is
something from the continent remains in my background

purchase his work

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